Why Danielle Tucker Is the Best Traffic Reporter

Yup, Danielle is definitely the best traffic reporter on Oahu. Not only are her traffic reports detailed, understandable, and extremely useful, but she interacts with her audience, helping them through their commute. Case in point was Tuesday’s traffic debacle. Leaving work almost immediately I ran into a backlog of cars, and time ticked by trying to make the short drive to Kamehameha Highway in Pearl City. I mean I didn’t mind hanging out with Big T for a few minutes but try 20 minutes…


Being at an essential standstill, I figured I’d ask Ms. Tucker what’s up with the local area traffic. The Twitterverse being the Twitterverse I never expected any kind of response but then came this online conversation.

Wow. Not only did she respond, she actually acted on my question, looking into the problematic intersection. And then, it was like she was actually watching the situation asking me if I made it through the last light (which coincidentally felt longer allowing more cars to proceed). Was Danielle working some Traffic Management Center magic like a traffic guardian angel? Who knows. All I know is that Danielle Tucker is the best traffic reporter on Oahu.

Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that she can take a joke being the target of Gregg Hammer’s Two Voice Tuesday impersonations.

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One Response to Why Danielle Tucker Is the Best Traffic Reporter

  1. NTMMFTS October 1, 2015 at 6:49 pm #

    No doubt about it, she’s the best by far – and I too have been honored by her replies to my tweets every now & then :-).

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