Nike Air Max 360 or Adidas Ultra Boost?

That’s the question I need to research more. Nike’s Air Max 360 cushioning is a known quantity having worn several shoes with this tech in the past, but Adida’s Ultra Boost is surely making a name for itself, especially with regards to comfort and cushioning. I kinda like the supportive stiffness of the Air Max 360 bubble, but the plush ride of the Ultra Boost would be nice too.

Now, Adidas has the Ultra Boost ST which gives credit to my hunch that the Boost isn’t necessarily good for flat footers. With the stability enhancements for the Ultra Boost ST, maybe it’s time to try them out. I have two reservations buying Adidas – fit and find.


For some reason, the fit of Adidas shoes varies greatly (for me). Half size up, one size up, too tight, too loose – I really want to try on an Adidas model before purchasing since my experience is inconsistent and mixed. That leads to the second problem of finding high-end Adidas shoes. The Ultra Boost line can’t easily be found in Hawaii. Finding online is possible but at a cost. Shipping to Hawaii typically is not free, and returns (if they don’t fit well) could incur additional charges. None of these hassles plague Make a purchase as a Nike+ member and shipping is free both ways. Because there’s no fuss, I’m more willing to try out a shoe. If it don’t fit, I just need to drop the box off at UPS and back it goes.

Price is a factor, but I’m willing to dish out for shoes if need be. But I’m also willing to wear off color ways at a significant discount. Due to the popularity of the Ultra Boost, you really can’t find them on discount.

So what will it be, Nike Air Max 360 or Adidas Ultra Boost?

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