Roaming Ala Moana

Roamed around Ala Moana recently, and here’s what I saw (no worries, no busted escalators in this post).

This is the first time I’ve been in Zara which I understand to be an upscale H&M. I would agree with that assessment. The most interesting aspect of that two-story location is its (working) escalator. It has to be the longest in the entire mall. Take a look back after reaching the top, and you’ll really see how far you traveled.

It was easy to recognize that Zara was definitely not my style.

Little too short...

Little too short…

Even in black or white, I still couldn’t pull this off.




Or black?

It’s a good thing these are kids sizes. Otherwise I would have needed to try on a pair just for the laughs seen in the dressing room mirror.


Hold up, what’s this? Is this the first casualty of the Ewa Wing? Gloria Jeans Coffee is closed already!?!


Closed already?

And there’s a Pressed Juicery downstairs by the Shirokiya Japan Village Walk. More impressive was the long line at 9pm, and Shirokiya wasn’t yet open for business. Is Pressed Juicery that good? I may have to try their coffee if the line is short.


Must be good


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