Returned my Air Max Lunar1

In July/August 2014, I was stoked that I was stocked with the Nike Air Max Lunar1.

Air Max Lunar1 "Photo Blue"

Air Max Lunar1 “Photo Blue”

The Lunar update of the Air Max 1 has been awesome (and stylish too), but the other day, this happened. A part of the outsole separated from the shoe itself. I thought I had something stuck to the bottom of my shoe as I was walking, but it was the shoe itself!

Not major, but from what I can remember, this is the first time I encountered a defect like this. Sure it’s years later, but usually, my Nikes are retired after too much wear and tear. Anyways, after posting my pic on social media, I get a response from Nike via @nikestore. After exchanging some information, I submitted for a return.

My original shoe purchase is right over the two-year warranty period, so I don’t know if my return will be accepted. But at this point, what’s there to lose? I could glue back the outsole, but I think that’s really an indication that other parts of the shoe are failing. We’ll see what happens…

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