Got My Levit8 Portable Standing Desk

Hey, hey, hey, my Kickstarter-funded Levit8 portable standing desk arrived this week! Seemingly like many Kickstarter projects built overseas, getting the items to America causes issues and unexpected delays. Nonetheless, my coral-colored, medium-sized Levit8 is here… and I’m befuddled.

Just how do you “assemble” this puzzle? I had to watch the video tutorial several times until I got it. It is cool and definitely a conversation piece. Can’t tell you how many coworkers stopped at my desk after seeing the angled structured Levit8 holding up my MacBook Air.

It’s sturdy and doesn’t feel like it’s going to tip over easily. The weight of a MacBook Air is easily supported, and I’m guessing the folds and angles provide enough strength to support heavier laptops. My only minor issue is the footprint base for your laptop. For a smaller machine like my 13-in Air, the footprint extends from the front of my machine to the very back. There’s not much leeway at all. Although it won’t, there’s a slight sense that the laptop is going to fall in to the Levit8 itself. But supported on the sides, this, of course, can’t happen.

I haven’t yet tried the Levit8 with my new (and bigger) MacBook Pro. The larger 15-in frame of the Pro will probably eliminate that sense of the laptop falling in.

Love the color combination, love that it folds flat, and can’t beat the price tag compared to other standing desks.

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