Nordstrom Rack Waikiki Did Not Disappoint

Oh I forgot, but there was one tiny disappointment on my first visit to the Nordstrom Rack in Waikiki, but more on that later. Unbeknownst to me, this location was open from late 2016!

Anyways, a smart marketing ploy of two $5 store credits got me in the store in early 2017, and there was a lot to take in.


Men’s shoes was my first stop and the quantity and quality was superb. Luckily, I didn’t find any shoes for myself, but there were some good ones that I haven’t seen at a Rack before.

The selection of aloha shirts were decent but also overrun with tourists. I’m thinking the Ward location is better for local business attire. I did manage to find decent Reyn Spooner shirts.

Even though I did not buy this Mighty Mouse tee, I think this trip definitely did elevate my style.

Oh, the lone disappointment of this otherwise success? Those store credits weren’t valid until later on. So yes, another trip is in order…

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