Adidas AlphaBounce “Worn and Refinished”

In the bottom row of men’s shoes at Nordstrom Rack was this nondescript box.

What’s in here?

Peaking over the edge of the box, I noticed something out of place, the Adidas AlphaBounce running shoes.

Adidas AlphaBounce HPC


Amazingly this relatively new runner found its way to the discounted shelves. Must be flawed I thought while pulling them from the box. Then I spied its price and label of “Worn and Refinished.” But at $45 (down from $110), I had to take a closer look.

59% savings?!?!

I couldn’t see any major issues or any flaws. There was this dirt spot, but it easily cleaned up with water.

A dirt spot that cleaned up easily

Talking to a Nordstrom Rack employee, the “worn and refinished” label is often given to shoes that are bought and returned to the upscale Nordstrom. But when returned, the shoe is out of season so instead of trying to sell the shoe there, it’s transferred to a discounted Rack location. It doesn’t necessarily mean the shoe was actually worn and refinished. So now, I’m an owner of a slightly large Adidas AlphaBounce HPC (reflective model) in black/utility black/white.

This definitely works for the price!

A few more pics.

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