Rona Review: Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew Dark Caramel

sbux-nitro-cold-brew-canJust to take a step away from telework, here’s a short and fast ‘Rona Review of the new Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew Dark Caramel that comes in a can.

Looking like a typical 12 fl oz can, the contents is only 9.6 fl oz so the can is light and you can tell there’s space inside.

Not very sweet, minimal nitro bubble feel to the drink.

Am I supposed to shake this? The directions on the back say to “Gently tilt can once…”

Nitrogen is on the ingredients list, albeit last.

Consistency is thin and definitely not creamy like an Ito-en canned drink. The entire can is only 45 Calories though.

Cost is high, around $4 per can?? Or was it 2 for $4? I would only get again if it were on sale.

Here’s a quick video of what it sounds like when the can is opened.

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