Disappointed in Polar Cop

This topic is going to be subjective with differing points of view, but I just wanted to voice my disappointment with Polar Cop. Described as software “redefining iOS checkout automation,” this software went on sale publicly this morning. But due to its popularity, the launch was beset with technical problems and was delayed.

After another delay, this tweet was published about an hour after the original start time.

At this point, I more or less forgot about this release. But since I had the site’s window open, I noticed that the page had changed to purchase screen. So I entered my information to make a buy and upon submission, I got an error screen, so again, I forgot abou this forgettable release. A few minutes later, I saw that the error screen changed to one of success, and I also got a confirmation email.

Screen Shot 2020-06-28 at 10.23.44 AM

That joy was short lived however when Polar Cop commented first on the botched release then made the disappointing announcement.

All sucessful orders were cancelled. 

Instead of honoring the existing sales, the company decided to alienate the only fans up to that point – those who had made valid purchases. Why would a software company want to estrange those who wanted their product and bought their product? Can’t they just release more copies of the software at a later date (and with more preparation)?

I understand that in these high-demand situations, everyone can’t be happy and satisfied with the outcome. The masses who were waiting for the software and didn’t get a copy were, of course, angered. And now the (potential) advocates who bought the software were also angered with the cancellations. Disappointing all around. As a company, how is trust built when business transactions aren’t honored? Why not turn this into a win-win situation, allowing the purchases to stand then simply releasing more copies for sale at a later date?

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