A Real Voice on Krater 96.3

I haven’t been listening to Krater 96.3 in the mornings recently due to the loss of voices. In place of the daily performances of Gregg, Shawnee, and Wayne, there’s now a constant drone of music. Normally, hearing uninterrupted music isn’t a bad thing, but I admit it gets boring fast. Especially in the early hours that sets the day, I don’t mind getting information about what’s to come.

So anyways for about a week since the end, I happened to hear a real (non-recorded) voice on Krater 96.3. Didn’t catch a name, and initially, I thought it was a broadcast from the mainland (like what I think 101.9 does). But the Kona Chang clone mentioned something about Pearl City so he’s in Hawaii it seems. Haven’t heard the voice again for about 20 minutes, got boring once again…


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