Pickup of the Week: Air Jordan 4 Retro “Legend Blue”

Forget pickup of the week, this may very well be the pickup of the year in the young 2015. At a fully restocked Ross, I spied these white kicks on the top shelf with a carolina blue Jumpman logo on the tongue. Grabbing them, I recognized them as Air Jordan 4 but different, more leather, less plastic. But at $55 at Ross, you buy first and ask later.


After doing some research, the style code, 314254-107, corresponds to the Air Jordan 4 Retro “Legend Blue” or “Columbia.” Oddly, these remastered Jordans were released in January of 2015. Ross typically stocks shoes that are around two years old. And these are size 10, my size. You’ll see some quality kicks at Ross but usually in huge or tiny sizes, rarely in the common size 9-11 range. I don’t know why or how these $190 Jordans showed up at Ross, but this kicks collector is rocking’em. 🙂