Quick Review of the AUKEY EP-B4 Bluetooth Headphones

So these were a bargain on Amazon selling for only $10 so why not spring for the AUKEY EP-B4 Bluetooth Headphones in the sporty lime green color? Even if these were a bust, $10 isn’t a big investment.

First of all, these wireless headphones do in fact work and connected easily to my iPhone and Apple Watch via Bluetooth. The sound is decent – not great but not terrible either. With different ear covers and “wings,” you can customize the fit in a lot of ways, and the earpieces lock into place with a quarter turn. I’m still playing with the fit since the earpieces don’t feel completely secured in place. Really though, I think the culprit to not staying in place lies in the flat cable connecting the left and right ear pieces. Out of the box, the cable stays kinked in its folded shape and doesn’t flex easily. Because of this rigidity, the cable very often pulls on the earpieces, dislodging them. 

Battery life is kinda short (to me). After the initial charge, I used the headphones three times for about 45 minutes per session. Although I do admit that I wasn’t diligent with powering down the headphones when I was done. Powering up is kinda tricky as well, but I’ve found it best to put them on then hold the power button until you hear the AUKEY say “powered on.”

All in all, the AUKEY EP-B4 hasn’t disappointed. It hasn’t completely won me over quite yet, but I do like the appeal of less wires in my personal space.