Kith Coming to Hawaii Momentarily

Yes, hypewear purveyor Kith is coming to Hawaii but only for a moment. On Friday, August 2, 2019, Kith is opening a pop-up store in the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center in Waikiki but how long this pop-up will stay in Hawaii is not known.

The marquee of this pop-up is Kith’s collaboration with Coca-Cola. Yes, that Coke. This collaboration includes a hoodie, a polo, a sweatshirt, and a rugby.

Clothing isn’t the only merch available. There’ll be a Converse Chuck Taylor All Star featuring the Coca-Cola and Kith branding.

Of course, being a collaboration with Coke, you’d expect the beverage to make an appearance.

So what gives this Kith x Coke collection a Hawaiian connection? It’s the color of the clothing. The colors of the patchwork correspond to the official colors of the Hawaiian Islands. Now a quick aside, but supposedly the island colors were officially designated in 2000. 2000? That wasn’t very long ago. For those of us born and raised in the aina, weren’t these the colors used during May Day elementary school performances from decades ago?

As a refresher, here are the colors of the islands:

  • Hawaii – red
  • Maui – pink
  • Molokai – green
  • Kahoolawe – grey
  • Lanai – orange
  • Oahu – yellow
  • Kauai – purple
  • Niihau – white

Ahh, okay… not sure if the actual clothing pieces are matched to the Hawaiian clime (I mean three of the four are long sleeved for our humid weather). But you have to appreciate the collaboration that’s coming to the islands for its launch. And Ronnie and his kith and kin will be present.

Although I have conflicting plans for that day, I’ll try to make the opening at some point since I’m eyeing that short-sleeved polo (because really, I’d die of overheating in the others).