What Happened to Family Feud?

Steve-Harvey-1While waiting for a car battery replacement, I had the luxury of watching Family Feud. What happened to this show??? Granted I really haven’t watched the show since the days of Richard Dawson and Ray Combs, but the questions and format had always been predictable. Today with Steve Harvey at the helm, the questions and answers were just weird. Okay, so Steve Harvey was masterful with the families especially the nervous family members (like Gemma, a professional “pot head” which is supposed to be a Filipino wedding dance of some sort).

Anyways, I digress. I forget the exact question, but it was something like, “What can typically be described as firm?” ¬†The answering¬†family got the top three answers but struck out on naming the last two. The opposing family was going for a steal with an answer of “handshake.” I thought they had the steal, but no, they struck out as well. One of the remaining answers both families missed – “a chick’s boobs.” Okay, the answer may have been “a chick’s boobage,” but the answer definitely contained “chick’s.” Who and where does the show poll for answers?!?