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Target the Gold Digger on iTunes

This week on iTunes features a new partnership with Target?! Not so excited? Then how about this Glee freebie featuring Mr. Schuester doing the funkiest white boy cover of Kanye West’s Gold Digger? Yes, the full version, not a teaser. Get down girl, go ‘head, get down!

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Free Glee!

Almost, but not quite here yet, but Glee is offering Lea Michele singing On My Own for free on iTunes. I say almost since the current link is still charging for the song. By Tuesday, the song should be free with glee.

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Don’t Jump the Shark, Glee!

After showing a clip of Push It, Glee has released yet another teaser from the upcoming season. This time, Mr. Schuester, goes Kanye with Gold Digger. Behind the Scenes of "Gold Digger"! Again, I’m hoping the series doesn’t spill all its greatness by jumping the shark with teasers before the series kicks off in September.

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Behind the Scenes Video of Glee

Amazon has two free behind the scenes clips from Glee to stoke the cinders of the inferno that will be Gleeful. Watch the casting session to find people that can sing, dance, and act and hear from Brad Falchuk, co-creator and executive producer of Flee.

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Glee Remixing Push It

There was mention that the cast of Glee was going to do their version of the classic rap Push It. Here’s a sneak peek of what Cheer Coach, Sue Sylvester, calls “the most offensive thing I’ve seen in 20 years of teaching.” Teaser from the Series Premiere airing WED 9/9 @ 9/8c, FOX! Sorry, […]

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Glee at Hot Topic

No Gleek Love for the 808

Wasn’t expecting a stop by the cast of Glee to Hawaii’s Hot Topics, but I had to check. There is no Glee-k love for the 808 state. That’s okay, but to make up for this oversight, how about filming episodes of Glee here? I’m sure Hawaii will make a great backdrop for the finals of […]

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From the Taping of Glee

The gleeful call went out to all Glee-ks to attend the taping of the last episode of the inaugural season of the television series, Glee. Luckily, pulpy reader and contributor @jessicashig was invited to attend today’s taping, and here’s her story. Warning. Minor spoilers ahead. (more…)

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Spoilers of Upcoming Glee

I hate to spoil your glee, but with the series start of Glee not until September, I couldn’t resist reading spoilers of upcoming Glee episodes. Sounds like there’ll be a musical performance of some sort in every show starting with a raunchy rendition of Push It followed by Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It). […]

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Glee Cast - Don't Stop Believin' (Glee Cast Version) - Single - Don't Stop Believin' (Glee Cast Version)

Journey from Glee to Arnel

Finally got around to watching the pilot episode of Glee, and it was entertaining! Kinda quirky with lots of high school stereotypes, but the music was great. Major props for covering Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’. You can get the Glee cast version of Don’t Stop Believin’ on . And speaking of Journey, I had to […]

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