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Not a Gift for Mother's Day

Not a Gift for Mother’s Day

This BIC Cristal for Her Ball pen set is definitely not a gift for mom on Mother’s Day (or any day for that matter). But then again, if mom likes a good laugh, she’ll definitely get one after reading all the Amazon comments about these “for her” pens.

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Where Can You Order 4000 Starbucks Lattes?

Not really, but when Steve Jobs called a nearby Starbucks in 2007 and ordered 4000 lattes during the launch of the iPhone, he inadvertently established a prank that will not go away. If you really wanted to (and could afford it), you’d have to wait 48 hours before your order could be completed.

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Jennifer Lawrence Is Funny

I don’t know much about Jennifer Lawrence other than she’s Katniss in the Hunger Games. Never knew she was so funny with a quick, honest wit. Check out her question and answer session during the Oscars. Or maybe it’s that shot of booze she downed before fielding questions.

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Nerds Are Hot!

After watching GoDaddy’s #thekiss commercial during Super Bowl XLVII, nerdiness has taken a different light. Jesse Heiman, who played the nerd to Bar Refaeli’s beauty, is getting more attention from the ladies and even more action from Jay Leno. Much thanks to @abaggy.

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A “Rari-tree”

If you’ve driven on the Pali Highway in the new year, you’ve passed by a very rare “tree.” This rari-tree (get it, rarity and tree?) is at the entry way to the Nuuanu Reservoir. Watch this video and see if you can spot the “tree.” Rare Tree from Gee Why on Vimeo. Regardless of its […]

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Get the “Full” Starbucks Experience at Home

The full Starbucks experience extends beyond just the coffee. Sure, Starbucks triggers all your senses with coffee, but the ordering and delivery of your coffee is also part of the experience. Saturday Night Live spoofs this aspect by poking fun at an “enhanced” version of the home brewing Verismo. Apparently, you don’t need to be […]

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Japanese Spitz

Japanese Spitz Christmas Ornament

Are you looking for Christmas ornaments designed with the Japanese Spitz dog breed in mind? Well, this isn’t the post for you! I’m just checking out how fast Google can index a post on an obscure topic. Or is Christmas ornaments featuring a specific dog breed? For all I know Japanese Spitz ornaments might be […]

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What’s Isaac Fotu’s Secret?

UH men’s basketball freshman forward, Isaac Fotu, has a great fro going on. Couple his “Fear the Fro” moniker with his rebounding prowess, and you got an instant fan favorite. But what’s #42’s secret? Could it be this? I know nothing about chia seeds, but this dietary supplement is getting some attention. And be sure […]

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iPhone 5 Skit on SNL

The (minor) problems with the iPhone 5 have hit the mainstream as spoofed by this SNL skit. On the recent trip to SoCal, I had two small mishaps with Apple Maps but success otherwise. Once, Maps instructed me to get off the freeway then subsequently get back on the freeway. Minor but an inconvenience. Second, […]

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