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Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Sh-t Product

Zappos’ response to Kanye’s claim is all wins, and therefore rightfully deserves a place in the 2013 Pulpconnection Holiday Gift Guide. But oh hey, this sh-t will cost you – $100,000! Of course, you need to watch the informative Zappos video to understand the features of this sh-t product.

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Serenity Now Redefined

Clear skies, warm sun rays, a cool, idyllic pool. Is that how you define serenity now? Or maybe the pool is serenely vacated since a kid puked in it, and the lifeguards are keeping guests out until a full pool shock can cycle through. Serenity now!

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An “Interesting” Crazy Shirts Ad

First off, I need to caveat that I LOVE Crazy Shirts. I own more than several in my wardrobe and their shirt designs, construction, and material are all top notch. But… I find their latest (online) ad umm, let’s say interesting. Here’s a screen shot. The positions and postures of the models, their facial expressions […]

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Moose Knuckle, Golden Showers, and Underbutt

I like to review popular search terms that bring readers here to Pulpconnection, and sometimes, I just gotta laugh. One search term that’s been percolating for the past week is “moose knuckle.” The culprit is the pulpy post “Was That a DWTS Moose Knuckle, Gilles?” If you recall, back in 2009, actor Gilles Marini’s wardrobe […]

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The Forbidden Superhero

More Friday Fun – Forbidden Super Hero

This film showing at the Hawaii International Film Festival is indescribable. I’m at a lost but can’t stop laughing after watching the trailer of Hentai Kamen: Forbidden Superhero. It’s so waaaay out there that you have to laugh (and see the film). I’m almost compelled to watch this show since it’s so outrageous. I can […]

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Alyssa Milano Wants to Keep You Current

Who’s the Boss icon, Alyssa Milano, shows off her sense of humor as she tries to keep the general public informed of world events. Behold the Alyssa Milano sex tape! Alyssa Milano Sex Tape from Alyssa Milano Now that you’re current, how about testing your knowledge with this (legitimate) quiz titled, “Do you know more […]

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Pickup Basketbal Stereotypes

First watch this video stereotyping the types of players you’ll meet playing pickup basketball. Which player were you? At times, I was Mr. Accessory though for the wrong reasons with ankle braces, knee protection, and foot orthotics. I was a few years removed from the shooting sleeve popularized by Allen Iverson, but I would have […]

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What's that box?

Any Box Will Do

Whenever you have stuff to move and deadlines are involved, you’ll do anything to finish the move. Any truck is a means of transportation. You’ll pile stuff high and lash it down. And any box is a container to carry more stuff. Just remember that. Always. .

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How Does This Complete the Look?!

Checking out Nordstrom’s half-yearly sale online, I saw these Nike LunarRidge OMS sneaker/boots. They’re kinda interesting, matching up the outdoors with Nike Lunar technology. They’re even more appealing at 33% off, but alas, common sizes are sold out. Scrolling down on the shoe’s page, recommend this to “complete the look.” Really? I don’t understand […]

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