I Just Want My Freakin’ Ice!

Since 2017, our Samsung french door refrigerator, model RF28K9380SR, has been working well. And then there’s now where our ice maker don’t make ice. Taking out the ice bin, you can see that the ice maker is frozen over (does this prelude a White Walker victory in Game of Thrones?).

IMG_0360 (1)

Looking online, Samsung refrigerators are known to have issues with their ice makers. Sadly, I couldn’t find an easy fix for our model. There’s no force defrost mode like other models and the suggestion of turning off the ice maker to supposedly engage the defroster did nothing. Luckily, we purchased an extended warranty from Home Depot, and checking my online records, the make, model, and warranty info was already recorded. So should be easy, right?

Well, I called Home Depot customer support and was routed to Asurion for the warranty protection plan. I don’t want to retell the entire story since it still gets me upset, but essentially, the company wanted proof that I actually bough an extended warranty. Never mind that the purchase info and warrantly plan was already recorded on their web site. I needed to submit the actual purchase receipt from 2017. So I downloaded the files that were already saved online and submitted an invoice showing a line item for the protection plan.

I called back and was told that I was still missing verification information for the warranty. The company needed an actual receipt, so I downloaded the other attachment saved on their system and submitted that via email. Then I called back yet again although the process is to wait two business days for their review team to look over my submission. I called back for the fourth time in two hours for an update, and fortunately, my warrany was validated, and my service request was processed.

Asurion then scheduled a service call for the very next day, but… the local repair shop did not get this appointment until today. So there was no way they could make it out today to take a look.

Is it too much to ask for my freakin’ ice?!?

Update 2022: There is a force defrost for these types of Samsung four-door refrigerators.