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Stay Away

My caution to you is to stay away from Starbuck’s new Salted Caramel Mocha bottled drink. Found at grocery stores, this limited edition drink sounds wonderful but falls short on the promise. Not caramel-y enough, not mocha-y enough, and (thankfully) not salty enough, this drink isn’t worth its cost of +$3.

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The Return of the Starbucks Raspberry Mocha

With Valentines Day coming up, Starbucks is promoting their corresponding hashtag, #StarbucksDate, on their Tumblr site. Check out the animated image that shows the return of the Raspberry Mocha. Looks like Starbucks debuted their Raspberry Mocha back in 2007. Unfortunately for me, this drink did not meet my high expectation at the time. Will it […]

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