Researching OLED Television

No upgrade is imminent, but curiosity calls…

Current OLEDs from Sony and LG all use the same panel made by LG. That panel is the same panel used in all models (at least in the LG lineup of B, C, G, E, and W). So the most basic and the most decked out LG OLED display are essentially the same picture. The hardware surrounding the screen is the main differentiator.

Focusing on the LG lineup. The B-line the cheapest LG series but is not widely available. Costco sells it and Target has the older model.

Two sizes are available at 55-in and 65-in, but I’m looking at the 55-in model.

The B6 is a good deal since the B7 has marginal improvements that may not justify the higher cost. Costco only has the B7. Here’s a B6 review.

The B7 loses the component inputs the B6 has. But the B6 component input is “shared” with the composite input (not sure what shared means).

The B7 has better support for gaming, able to keep up without lag. The B7 has WebOS 3.5, while the B6 has verion 3.0.

Dolby Atmos on the B7 is currently a waste of time since the Atmos sound can only come from the dinky television speakers, not through external speakers.

Active HDR. I don’t know what that is but the B7 has it. The B6 does not according to LG’s specs.

LOL. The B7 has 802.11ac wireless and the B6 has “802.11 a/c.” Same difference.

Here’s the LG-OLED-B6-B7-comparison.

TL;DR. The B6 looks like a deal right around $2000. But the $2150 B7 has some useful improvements, and if bought at Costco with the Costco credit cards, it includes two more years of warranty.