The Footlocker App Updates on Hawaiian Time


It had to have been obvious that the Footlocker mobile app updates its Hawaii store data on Hawaiian time. I mean in the beginning of the week, the Footlocker app showed reservations for the upcoming Air Jordan 1 Retro First Class for Hawaii locations. Oddly, the reservations for adult sizes were at Footlocker Ka Makana Alii, Kapolei. While the GS sizes were reserved at the Waikiki House of Hoops and nowhere else.

Odd right? Nonetheless, I signed for the reservations to see what could happen. The following day, I checked the Footlocker app on another device and sure enough, those reservations were changed to first come, first served (FCFS) for Ala Moana and sweepstakes/raffle for Waikiki. The app must have updated on that relaxed Hawaiian time..