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Rona Times: The Real Cook

On the first day of freedom during this Rona Times, while many flocked to the shopping malls and beaches, I was on a mission for the real cook. No, I didn’t go to Shoe Palace for a chance to walk away with two pairs of Air Jordan 1 Royal Toes. Instead, I headed straight to […]

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Who Doesn't Like Fuzzy Cooked Rice?

Who Doesn’t Like Fuzzy Cooked Rice?

Of course everyone takes rice cookers for granted. You get uncooked rice, wash it up a bit, put it in the cooker with some water, and wait. Not much to it right? Except that there is, and you can unlock the flavors of freshly cooked rice with the Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker. At 5.5 […]

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