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Coffee Day 7

Tully’s Coffee Barista’s Black to start the day (even though this picture was taken at night). Nothing fancy, just straight up black coffee for a good morning jolt.

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Coffee Day 6

Coffee Day 6

With convenience stores and vending machines blanketing the Tokyo urbanscape, it’s hard not to be within reach of a caffeine hit. So while touring the streets of Shinjuku, a visit to Lawons yielded this. I don’t know how true it is, but I think there was a “New” sign next to this drink.Maybe not as […]

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Coffee Day 5

Despite seeing the different brands of coffee drinks available in convenience stores and vending machines, I had to try this Starbucks ready-to-drink beverage. The Caramel Macchiatto with Coconut holds true to its name with strong coconut tones sweetened by caramel.  The drink comes with a small extendable straw that’s important. Don’t try drinking this without […]

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Coffee Day 4

Grabbed the most “safe” drink that I saw at the convenince store. I recognized the Boss brand, could see the actual liquid, and wanted a larger size, so this Craft Boss coffee was my pick. Don’t believe I finished it in one sitting. It did help me make it through the day after waking up […]

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Lots of Change

I was advised that I would have lots of coins while traveling in Japan, and sure enough, a handful collects in no time. Just another benefit of using a Pasmo or Suica card instead of paper or coin currency.

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Coffee Day 3

Bought from a vending machine in the Nakamise shopping arcade is this Georgia European canned drink. Very much welcomed trying to get accustomed to the time difference – in the afternoon in Japan but at night Hawaii time. Nothing great, but it did caffeinate my system. Side note: there are no Day 1 or 2 […]

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Pasmo Cards Are Conveniently Expensive

Gotta say that using a Pasmo (or Suica) card in Japan is super convenient. But it also gets costly since it’s so easy to use. With all the traveling and snack purchasing from convenience stores and vending machines, I have to recharge my card a few times in just as many days.

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My Japan Education: Nike ACG 07 KMTR

Just look at this new Nike creation, born from Nike Labs under the All Conditions Gear (ACG) label. The NikeLab ACG 07 KMTR is built for the urban commuter. Featuring no laces but instead a draw string to tighten the upper and a forefoot strap secured by magnets, the KMTR is meant to be easily […]

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My Japan Education: Samurai Gourmet

To get a sense of the Japanese cuisine, its preparation, its underlying meaning, and its flavor, you must watch the Netflix series, Samurai Gourmet. While some of the storylines are hokey, you can’t deny the attention to detail and focus placed on the featured food dishes. The closeups and the sounds of cooking fill the […]

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My Japan Education: Forest Bathing

So there’s scientific backing that being in the presence of trees, known as forest bathing, has tangible health benefits? So says a Japanese national public health program that started back in 1982. Just remember that when you enter a forest, pick up a rock, put a problem in, and drop it. You can pick up […]

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