Must Eat at Ramen Bario

$7 for parking in the Waikiki Shopping Plaza. I don’t care. Cash only. I don’t care. All the other eateries in Waikiki Yokocho. I don’t care (well not yet anyways). Our server mixed up one of our dishes. I don’t care. Kinda pricey. I don’t care.

All I care about is that ramen broth, specifically that of the tsukemen ramen from Ramen Bario. OH MY GOODNESS. I initially sampled the broth to check its spiciness, and a few spoonfuls later, I had almost forgotten about the noodles themselves. That broth is so rich and so different that I thought it was perfect. But then I added a spoonful of fresh garlic, and the flavor went up another level. Then I added a spoonful of the chili pepper, and the flavor of the broth just exploded. My, oh my.

Go check out the interesting decor and all the eateries at Waikiki Yokocho, but be sure to visit Ramen Bario first.