My First Starbucks Vanilla Macchiato


Walked into my favorite Starbucks this morning and was greeted by this interesting sign accented by the sunlight. Hmmm, a Vanilla Macchiato now joins caramel and hazelnut. I had to try it, and yes, it is good, similar but different from the other two. I ordered my VM (not virtual machine for you techies) non-fat, stirred, hot, and short.

I didn’t take the lid off before taking a sip, so I don’t know what a fresh VM looks like. Flavor-wise, the depth of the vanilla hits you right away. For me, the Caramel Macchiato is sweet then the aftertaste follows with the richness of caramel. The Hazelnut Macchiato is more mild with the hazelnut undertones, and I prefer substituting a few pumps of vanilla for mocha to waken this drink up. But the Vanilla Macchiato is more balanced from beginning to end. Flavorfully deep with a matching level of sweetness. The new drink for spring? Yes, indeed.

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One Response to My First Starbucks Vanilla Macchiato

  1. Adrian Bagayas March 7, 2014 at 12:37 pm #

    Thanks for the review. I initially held off fearing that the vanilla would be too sweet. I’m normally a caramel macchiato fan but you’ve piqued my interest. Will have to try the VM on my next visit.

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