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Where’s the Caffeine, Costco?!?

Is this an epidemic or just bad timing? I’ve been to two different Costco locations in the past two weeks, and on both occasions, I haven’t been able to find their signature Seattle Mountain Coffee in anything other than decaf. What’s up with that? There are other caffeinated coffee brands available like Starbucks, Kauai Coffee, […]

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Thrillist Ranks Every Starbucks Drink

I’m not so addicted as to attempt what Thrillist has done – ordering and ranking every drink on a Starbucks regular menu. Keep in mind this ranking is on the regular stuff, not the seasonal specials. I won’t spoil the list since you should check it out yourself, but here are some of my comments. […]

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Who Peeked?

Hey, who peeked?!? The boxes at Starbucks explicitly say no peeking until November 12. Today’s still Veterans Day, November 11. But if your Starbucks did set up their Holiday display just a tad early, it may look like this… Or you could go to for a preview as well. You can say this much, […]

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I Gagged on a Starbucks Chestnut Praline Latte

Sounds worse that it was, but it’s the truth. Upon my first sip of a cold Chestnut Praline Latte, I sucked in a praline crumb (which I wasn’t expecting) and coughed and hacked it out. I just wasn’t expecting a hard item in my CPL so it caught me off guard. The drink itself isn’t […]

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Clovers as of 10/15/14

More Starbucks Clovers in Hawaii

Whoa now, what’s this? Starbucks is expanding their locations featuring the Clover brewing system. Originally, this specialty brewer was only available at the new-ish Aina Haina location. But yes, though it’s there, the Clover is “out of commission” awaiting personnel training. So I’ve heard that training is indeed underway with a target date of October […]

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Starbucks Aina Haina Get Ka`u

With only 600 bags available for online purchase, the limited Starbucks Reserve Hawaii Ka’u has since sold out. But the Ka`u is making an appearance at the new Aina Haina Starbucks. This location is evidently going to be the premiere Starbucks on Oahu with this rare coffee available in-store along with the (non-functioning) Clover brewing system. […]

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*At Participating Locations Only

So I was watching the @therealpsl Twitter account as it counted down to an early release of the seasonal Pumpkin Spiced Latte (PSL). @therealpsl would drop hints to unlock a puzzle at its Tumblr site. Today, all the clues were available. Figure out the answer, and you’ll unlock a free PSL drink as one of […]

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Is Starbucks Fizzio About the Social Peer Pressure?

I’m taking a guess here, but Starbucks latest venture into handcrafted sodas seems a little odd. The Fizzio is made fresh using no artificial flavors, no preservatives, or high fructose corn syrup, and is somewhat low in calories. Uncharacteristically for Starbucks, the Fizzios are caffeine-free. So why roll out the Fizzio, even if it’s only […]

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My First Starbucks Vanilla Macchiato

Walked into my favorite Starbucks this morning and was greeted by this interesting sign accented by the sunlight. Hmmm, a Vanilla Macchiato now joins caramel and hazelnut. I had to try it, and yes, it is good, similar but different from the other two. I ordered my VM (not virtual machine for you techies) non-fat, […]

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Nespresso VertuoLine

The Nespresso U Is Still Good

Say it with me, “Your Nespresso U is still good. Your Nespresso U is still good.” Don’t mind that Nespresso just launched their new VertuoLine that makes both espresso and coffee. Your recent purchase of the espresso-only Nespresso U is still a good buy at half the price of a new Vertuo. So what if […]

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