Starbucks Incheon Airport

Being stuck in South Korea in the Incheon area for a day wasn’t such a bad situation afterall. There’s enough to keep you occupied, and the Incheon Airport itself is huge with many shops to pass the time. Of course there has to be a Starbucks at an airport, especially in Korea where Starbucks has flooded the market and infiltrated the Korean culture. But being in an airport, the queues for Starbuck fluctuated wildly. When I passed by, there was a line ten deep. However others in our group reported no lines at all.

Compared to the Summer Frappuccino push in mainland China, the juicy Macau, and the blueberry items in Hong Kong, South Korea Starbucks was promoting the Fizzio lineup. Yup, the carbonated Fizzio drinks were front and center.


Yuzu Iced Shaken Tea, Yogurt Juice with Mango Jelly, Lemongrass Tea Lemonade, Sweet Orange Black Tea Lemonade? Yup, all fizzified by the Fizzio machine. Looking at the dessert case, my guess is that chocolate pairs well with carbonated fruity teas?

As a snack for the plane ride, there’s packaged pear.

Had I more space in our luggage, I would have bought mugs from South Korea – a lot more colorful and decorative than the selection in China.

I think I need to return to South Korea one day and do more Starbucks exploring…

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