Froyo from Forty Carrots

40-carrots3Went to Forty Carrots in Bloomingdales to try out their frozen yogurt. The froyo was good, especially the strawberry, but there’s a few kinks in service that need to be worked out. We wanted to split a large size between kids which was said not to be a problem by the cashier. They’d even split it for us. Great! Then another employee makes the froyo… in a single cup. I guess he didn’t hear or understand what was just discussed. The cashier apologizes but then several employees congregate to discuss something assumedly with our large froyo split into smaller sizes.

After some confusion, our large is finally split. Sadly, the original large in single cup wasn’t offered up as an apology. The workers took it to the kitchen to dump or to eat. Not sure. What I am sure about is if they gave us this “mistake,” I’d have positively glowing remarks to make about Forty Carrots in Bloomingdales. Instead, I’m telling people the froyo is good. Here’s my Yelp review.

Oh, the also sell water in boxes, not plastic bottles.


And their food inspection placard is very nicely framed.


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