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Island Yogurt Kailua Closing

Went for some froyo today at Island Yogurt in Kailua only to see this sign. While we don’t froyo often, Island Yogurt was our go to spot with a variety of flavors and convenient parking. They’ve been there for several years (well as Orange Tree originally) but the rent just got too high. When the […]

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Froyo from Forty Carrots

Went to Forty Carrots in Bloomingdales to try out their frozen yogurt. The froyo was good, especially the strawberry, but there’s a few kinks in service that need to be worked out. We wanted to split a large size between kids which was said not to be a problem by the cashier. They’d even split […]

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Cherry on Top Froyo, Why Not?

I was just saying that Hawaii doesn’t have enough froyo spots on this island, and look what we get! Cherry on Top frozen yogurt is coming to Hawaii in the Pearl City area across of Walmart. Their flavors sound good, and they have to be in order to keep pace in the Froyo Wars. Who’s […]

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The Changing Face of the Froyo Wars

With the sprawl of froyo shops all over Oahu, you know the Froyo Wars is on. Who’ll survive in this over-saturated market? Who’ll be the first casualty? As with any successful campaign, changing the game is key to battle. Instead of fighting the enemy on their terms, you change things up and dictate your own […]

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The Froyo War Heats Up in Kailua

The Froyo Wars in Hawaii is moving to the Windward side with the recent opening of Orange Tree in Kailua. It’s now Orange Tree versus the individual Yogurt Mama. I heard Yogurt Mama is pretty good, but Orange Tree does have a chain of stores at its backing. Who and when will the first froyo-er […]

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Snowing at Windward Mall

It’s Snowing at Windward Mall

Windward Mall has their faux show of snow again in the center of the mall. At the top of every hour, you can play with the soapy snow during a 15-minute snowfall. The kids love it. After the snow, you can get a froyo at the recently opened yogen fruz. I’m not so much a […]

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Where’s Your Froyo From?

Where do you get your frozen yogurt from?  Luckily, Oahu will have 23 froyo locations jammed on to this island.  Here’s a map showing 23 locations of Orange Tree (includes upcoming locations), Red Mango, Menchies, Yami, Yogurtland, Yogurt Mama, and TCBY. View HI Froyo in a larger map Who will remain standing once the Froyo […]

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Can’t Wait for the Froyo Wars!

How many frozen yogurt chains are there in Hawaii now? You know they all can’t make it here on this froyo saturated island. I can’t wait for the wars to begin and see who’s left standing. The contenders: Yogurtland – across from UH in that location that keeps changing vendors, Pearl City, and Hawaii Kai […]

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