Starbucks Molten Chocolate Latte First Taste

starbucks-mclMolten chocolate? In a Starbucks drink? Probably more hyperbole than reality, but I needed to try the limited run of Starbucks creations for Valentine’s Day. Along with the Molten Chocolate Frappuccino and Molten Hot Chocolate, the Molten Chocolate Latte is only available through February 14, 2016.

So how was it? It’s definitely not like Roy’s Molten Chocolate Cake that takes 20 minutes to heat, but make no mistake, there is chocolate in this drink. Melted chocolate chips, mocha-infused steamed milk, mocha-espresso whipped cream, and mocha-espresso drizzle, yeah, that’s a lot of chocolate. The chocolate isn’t sweet though but does impart a richness to the drink. Of course, a drink made in mere minutes can’t compare to the richness and depth of true molten chocolate, but the name of the drink sure sounds delectable. To me, the hot drink is okay. Maybe I’d like a touch of sweetness to it. One issue I have is with the whipped cream topping. It’s really cold, and the drink is hot. In the first few sips of my MCL, the hot and cold combo became a lukewarm sensation that detracted from the drink.

Overall, if you like the regular Starbucks Mocha, then think of the Molten Chocolate Latte as a deeper mocha. I am curious to try this drink cold since the idea of a cold molten drink tickles my mind. The whipped cream will definitely match the cold profile of the iced MCL, but the chocolate chips will probably be chunks floating around.

How did you like your Molten Chocolate at Starbucks?

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