My Japan Education: Tokyo vs Osaka Banana

Apparently, banana snacks are a thing in Japan. I was introduced to the Tokyo Banana but then was told that the Osaka Banana was better. After wrapping my head around the concept of these banana-based concoctions, I was fortunate enough to sample both. They weren’t the freshest samples but well within the alloted expiration date.

Tokyo Banana

Many flavors are available, each with its own visual design. The Tokyo Banana feels more playful with its designs and multitude of variations.

The inside is more like a banana cream filling with a Twinkie outside.

Osaka Banana

The Osaka counterpart, on the other hand, comes from a refined point of view. It’s packaging is more sophisticated, void of the playful Tokyo patterns.

The confection itself is partitioned in indivdual containers that keep the Osaka Banana in its sliced form. The banana is sandwiched in between soft sponge cake.

My Preference

Personally, I gotta give the nod to the Tokyo Banana. I like the overall execution of this treat. I’m not a fan of bananas to begin with, and both Osaka and Tokyo Bananas didn’t really get the banana flavor quite right. The Osaka Banana flavor was more realistic but not real enough. Because the authenticity of a banana was lost at this point, the cream filling of the Tokyo Banana appealed to me more since it was like eating a banana cream pie. And for me, I didn’t mind that the design pattern was actually emblazoned on the cake.

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