Armpit 2006

From the Armpit of Cali 2006

  • More from San Fran Last batch of pics from a weekend in San Fran. Met up with friends living in the city for a mini reunion. Good to see everyone again and Happy Birthday Kim. That cake is a fire hazard! On the way out of San Fran, went for dim sum at the Koi Palace in Daly City. What a madhouse! Never seen a dim sum spot so crowded. Then stopped off at the Outlets at Gilroy for some shopping. Didn’t get a lot, but did go to the Nike outlet. Lots of pies at Marrie Callenders. Instead of trying something different like Razzleberry, we got a custard pie. 🙁
  • Weekend in San Francisco Had a short getaway from the Armpit of Cali and headed to San Francisco for the weekend. The drive was longer than normal due to road work, but luckily my iPod was fully charged and loaded with tunes. First, we headed to the Apple campus on 1 Infinite Loop and bought some stuff from the Company Store. Also ran into blogger Paul Stamatiou who’s interning at Yahoo. Stayed in the Holiday Inn on Van Ness and luckily had a corner room with a view. Saw the fog roll in quickly as evening approached. Went to Chinatown a few times and also tried out a farmers market which was packed with people and vendors. Visited the Conservatory of Flowers along with their Butterfly Zone exhibit. Pretty neat. Interesting plants and the Butterfly Zone is cool with butterflies roaming around you. San Francisco on Dwellable
  • Back to Bass Lake Boating around Bass Lake. Family, eating, sun, swimming. Pictures are here. Bass Lake on Dwellable
  • Starbucks Drive Thru – I Get It Now I understand the point of Starbucks featuring a drive thru window. You got a car with one or more kids strapped in on your way for a long (or even short) ride. You see a Starbucks drive thru right before you hit the freeway. No need to get out and unstrap the kids, delaying your trip even longer. Get it? Got it. Good.
  • Running in 90+ Degrees… … is a killer! Very hot and dry in the Armpit of Cali with recent temperatures above 90 degrees. I think I sweat more in Hawaii, or maybe the heat here dries me up quickly. Shade from trees helps a bit, but when the sun’s ablazing, you can’t hide for long.
  • Sweating in the Armpit of Cali Catching up on the going-ons from the hot armpit of Cali. Fathers Day Kids Galore Out and About Dang Hot Day Enjoy!
  • More from the Armpit of Cali Caught up on our adventures from the Armpit of Cali. Crafts and Recreation Sierra Vista Mall Bonfante Gardens Theme Park More to come…
  • Word of the Day: Suzerain Suzerain – a sovereign or state having some control over another state that is internally autonomous. Example. Would passing the Akaka bill create a suzerain for Native Hawaiians in the State of Hawaii? Kau inoa!
  • Almost Got Pink Kicks Yes, dear readers, I almost picked up a pair of pink kicks. Maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s the freedom of being on vacation, or maybe I’m just addicted to kicks, but I almost succumbed and bought a pair of Nike Shox TL2 running shoes from discount store Marshalls, here in the armpit of Cali. I had to demonstrate extreme sangfroid to resist the temptation. Normally, these cost about $120-150 but Marshalls had them for $60. The catch? These are women shoes in black and pink. Still though, the main difference between men and women shoes is the 1.5 size difference. Size 9.5 in men equals size 11 in women’s, and sure enough that’s what I found at Marshalls – the only pair of TL2s in a size 11. The TL line is one of the top Nike products, and the TL2 is a high performance, cushioned running shoe featuring Shox columns ...
  • The Zoo in the Armpit of Cali Went to the zoo and took some pictures. All from the Armpit of Cali.
  • Coffee in the Armpit of Cali Coffee in the Armpit of Cali is pretty similar to the coffee scene in Hawaii. Starbucks is just about everywhere, but their prices are way cheaper. For comparison purposes, I got a iced grande, non-fat caramel macchiato which came out to $3.45 in CA. In HI, the same drink costs $4.11. About a $0.60 price difference!! The cheaper grande mocha drink in Hawaii costs $3.75. Wonder what causes such a price difference? Even though the drink looked great, it tasted terrible. Where’s the quality control?! I think the sequence of coffee, milk, and flavoring really does make a difference. Usually, the milk goes in last. With this drink, the milk had to have gone in first. Is this a social statement about Cali? Looks are more important than substance? Having a hard time finding the canned Starbucks Iced Coffee in any of the local markets. I’m only finding the Double Shots. Maybe ...
  • Word of the Day: Sangfroid Sangfroid – composure or coolness, sometimes excessive, as shown in danger or under trying circumstances. Example: The Tabasco Man demonstrated his sangfroid when asking for the highest compensation during his annual work evaluation.
  • Shopping for New Products Some new products I saw. Strawberry cupcakes, Hello Kitty Poptarts, Strawberry Twinkies, Coffee Horchata, and Go Girl Energy Drink. Oh yeah, that’s my Mr. Potato Head I made.
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