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Backed Simple Bracket

You ever participate in those March Madness brackets with the weighted scoring system where whoever picks the final winning team typically wins the bracket? Yeah, it’s pretty standard, and it’s kind of a bummer scoring system. A biostatistician, Ted Gooley, developed a more equitable way of assigning points based on many variables. I won’t explain […]

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Holy Kyrie!

Now that Super Bowl XLVII is officially done, it’s okay to catch up on other sports, especially Kyrie Irving’s performance against the Thunder. Watch the highlights of the last few minutes of the Cavs & Thunder game, and you’ll see Kyrie pull off some absolutely sick shots. You know it’s gotta be the shoes!

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Was That a Moving Pick?

It’s the NBA so it’s okay if picks and screens shift around a tad. But really, the magic is the finish by James Harden. Though you have to give it to your teammates who do the dirty work like setting screens.

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A Terrible High Five?

If you’re going to give your teammate an encouraging high five, you best do it right. Otherwise, you could be called for a technical foul. That’s the only reason I can think of for this tech called on Reggie Evans of the Clippers. His high five with Blake Griffin wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t great, and […]

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This Is Even More Painful, Pau

Okay, that was painful, but this is even more painful. Here’ Gasol again being manhandled by Blake Griffin. Here’s a clip of both monster dunks Griffin had against the Lakers, including the reverse angle slow motion replay.

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That Was Painful, Pau

I had seen this dunk while watching the game on ESPN. Trust me, it looked way worse with the reverse camera angle, in slow motion, and in HD. You could see Gasol’s expression all the way.

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