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Holiday Gift Guide 2019 Wizenard Corollary

“A book? A book?!” If that’s the response you got after gifting my first recommendation of the Wizenard Series: Training Camp then here’s the corollary. Tell the gift recipient that after the book is done, then these will magically appear. With Kobe Bryant as the creator of the Wizenard Series, you had to believe that […]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2019 The Wizenard Series

It’s mid-October, so what better time to kick start Pulpconnection’s Holiday Gift Guide for 2019. As usual, these gift recommendations are simply that – recommendations from me to you but all from my point of view. So my first recommendation is a book. Yes, a book, but one inspired by the mind of former NBA-er […]

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Mamba Day and Hurricane Lane

Wait… Just when is Mamba Day? Supposedly it’s tomorrow, Friday, August 24 that marks the release of the new Kobe A.D. But then again, the Internet says Mamba Day is April 13 (the date of Kobe’s last game). In any case, the Kobe A.D. release will probably coincide with the Oahu landfall of Hurricane Lane. […]

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The Elusive Kobe X

As Kobe Bryant’s career is quickly coming to a close, Nike is celebrating his career with numerous releases leading up to Mamba Day. From the Fade to Black pack, today’s release is a dark Kobe X with Flyknit. So far I’ve admired the Kobe X from afar and came so close to getting a pair […]

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Honolulu-Inspired Kicks Colors

What do Honolulu-inspired colors look like? According to the newest Kobe X colorway, they look like this. Influenced by Hawaii-born POTUS, Barack Obama, aka the “Commander,” Kobe’s high top elites showcase a blue palette representative of the 50th state. Not sure if I agree with the blues unless these hues represent the skies and the […]

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The Kobe X Launches on 2-7

Kobe Bryant’s latest (and possibly last) signature Nike shoe, the KOBE X, launches on February 7, 2015. While I haven’t been a fan of his recent signature line, I’m liking the simplicity of this design. The personalized elements are quietly integrated into the overall design like the material transparency signifying Kobe’s recent openness. But man, […]

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