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Mr. Tea Ala Moana Now Open

Nitrogenie closed for business only in the beginning of February, but already its space has been occupied. Mr. Tea is open for business, and although the store interior does look a little Spartan, customers are exiting with drinks in hand. I don’t know about Mr. Tea or if there are other locations, but with a […]

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Cool Tea Names and an Oat Cake

Starbucks latest line of teas has some cool names. We’re talking Royal English Breakfast, Passion Tango, Youthberry, and Pineapple Kona Pop. Then there’s this Hawaii-themed oat cake. Yeah, I’ll pass on that lava rock of an oat cake, and what makes it “Hawaii” anyways?

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Oh Oprah!

Feeling Like a Dirty Oprah?

Sometimes the cravings are insatiable. You have to have it. You need to have it. There’s no contentment or relief until you get some, and of course, we’re talking about getting some Dirty Oprah. Your neighborhood Starbucks can help relieve your yearning for a Dirty Oprah. Just order one. Hopefully, you’ll get an Oprah Chai […]

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Oprah Chai Tea Set Exterior

Because Oprah

On Tuesday, I walked into Starbucks and was greeted by the likeness of the Oprah Winfrey. Only the Oprah isn’t partnering with Starbucks for coffee, instead the Oprah has her own chai tea line with Starbucks’ Teavana. You can get the Oprah chai tea at Starbucks in either a hot or iced form. Different sets […]

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