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Favorite Search Terms from Today

Looking at Pulpconnection stats for today (Wednesday, June 24, 2015), here are my favorite search terms: portague jokes howie haiwaiian mainlander While I don’t define portague jokes, the post, 21 Slang Words You Should Know Before Visiting Hawaii, discusses haole aka howie haiwaiian mainlander.

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Nike HyperFresh

Really, it’s HyperFr3sh with the number 3 replacing the letter “e” but you know what Nike means. Kinda interesting looking, but I passed. Not a fan of that fat heel look though I like that tropical motif. Available in Hong Kong right now and supposedly coming to the States in July.

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Rules of Kicks Coppin’ Consider Alternate Stores

The days of stopping by Foot Locker at the mall to look for new shoe releases are long since gone. In this modern, connected times, there are no kicks secrets. Sites publish release dates way in advance and build the hype as releases gets closer. Now with software-based bots to speed up online purchases, coppin’ […]

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Ensure vs Assure vs Insure

Did you notice the similar but different words, assure, insure, and ensure? I hadn’t thought much about them until Pulpy reader @abaggy pointed out my usage of ensured versus assured. Here’s what says about this trio: Basically, insure, ensure, and assure mean to make a person or thing more sure. Insure should be restricted […]

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Rules of Kicks Coppin’ Know the Return Policy

So you know not to sleep on’em, and while that may be scary to plunk down cash on a pair of unknown kicks, the second kicks coppin’ rule will alleviate your concern. Know the return policy. I’m surprised at how good return policies are. There are a few businesses that make returns difficult or costly, […]

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Rules of Kicks Coppin’ – Don’t Sleep On’em

If you’re shopping for shoes aka kicks coppin’, there are a few rules you should know and heed. The first rule is don’t sleep on’em, meaning if you see a pair of shoes that you’re interested in and your size is available, you should buy now and return later. If you wait and sleep on […]

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Does a Tesla Powerwall Make Sense in Hawaii?

I’m intrigued by all things Tesla including their newest product, the Powerwall. The Powerwall is essentially a Tesla battery installed in the home to store excess power which can then be used later like during a power outage. Additionally, the Powerwall can charge itself when electricity rates are cheaper and then provides power to your […]

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Ass Whooping by SharePoint

Each time I go hand-to-hand with Microsoft SharePoint, I get my ass whooped. Call it a learning experience, but I’m getting tired of it. I don’t know how organizations adopt SharePoint without also heavily investing in developers and/or experts to make SharePoint do what you want. While I’ve learned that SharePoint can do stuff, making […]

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The Existence of Lilly Pulitzer at Target

A mere two days after the release of Lilly Pulitzer’s affordable collection at Target, it’s like it never happened. On Sunday, Lilly fans overwhelmed Target and its stock. On Tuesday, there was nothing to be found. Even the signage celebrating the collection was removed, and all the clothing displays reset. You would’ve been none the […]

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Passed on the Adidas Tubulars

I so wanted to love these shoes, but in the end, I had to pass on them. The Adidas Tubulars have been out for a few months and while they caught my eye, I just didn’t act…until I saw someone wearing them. The silhouette of the Tubulars was distinctive, but the texture and colorway muted […]

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Summertime S’mores Frappuccino at Starbucks

The nostalgia of summers past is rolling out at Starbucks with their upcoming S’mores Frappuccino. Starting on April 28, 2015, Starbucks will inspire you with the nostalgic experience of roasting S’mores. That means that you’ll be sucking down: marshmallow-infused whipped cream and milk chocolate sauce, a creamy blend of graham, coffee, milk and ice, then […]

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Fifteen Minutes with the Apple Watch Is Not Enough

No, I didn’t pre-order an Apple Watch, wanting to see it in person first. So I scheduled a fifteen minute appointment to try on Apple’s newest wearable at the Ala Moana Apple Store, but those fifteen minutes are woefully short. Other than making an appointment, there’s no way of actually putting an Apple Watch on […]

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