The Drew Crew Brought It!

During the first night of the Finals of Dancing with the Stars, the Drew Crew of Drew Lachey and partner Cheryl Burke brought it, taking the lead over Tabasco Man’s favorite Stacy Keibler. The Drew Crew reprised their Thriller paso doble then got funky with some Brokeback Western freestyle action. The choreography was excellent with Drew leaping over Cheryl for another catchy entrance, followed by an energetic routine of flips, twists, turns and other moves from Drew’s 98 Degrees days. You couldn’t help but smile after that dance. Two sets of perfect scores for the Drew Crew.

Jerry Rice surprised everyone and brought his best as well. His first dance was good, probably his best ever, but still he’s not in the top tier of dancing talent. His disco routine with the blown out ‘fros was fun but slow as could be. I kept waiting for them to start their real performance.

Stacy started strong getting the first set of perfect scores on the night. But as I thought, the judges have a higher standard for her. Her freestyle was boring, even dancing to Staying Alive. The judges let her know they expected more by giving her the lowest freestyle scores of all the finalists. Ouch!

So with the judges tally, Drew is in the lead. But fan votes count, and there’s one more dance to go on Sunday night. And Master P will be back dancing too!

Note: ABC edited out Drew’s reaction to Bruno’s comment about being ready for Brokeback Mountain, the Musical. But the removed cowboy hat segment is available on ABC’s highlight video.

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