Pumpkins, Parenthood, and Dirt!

To keep up with the hip and happening parenting of the Tabasco Man and Coco Bean, the fam headed out to Aloun Farms to nab a pumpkin or two. Even with its popularity, there was still a bunch of pumpkins as the crowds kept coming.

The white pumpkins are freaky looking.

And yeah, you can’t escape the dust and dirt. If you’re going to use sunscreen, make sure you apply it well in advance of getting to the farm so it soaks in. Putting on sunscreen right before going outside is asking for all that blowing dust and dirt to stick to you. After getting home and cleaning up, my Q-tip for my ear was coated with dirt.

Picked up one big pumpkin for $8 and two little ones for $1. Not bad prices.

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