YouTube to the Presidential Rescue

I didn’t have an Obama Day today, but at work, Barack Obama’s inauguration was playing on a television in a conference room. I checked out part of it, but didn’t watch everything since I programmed my Tivo to record the “Presidential Inauguration” figuring I can watch at home.

Playing back my Tivo recording, it recorded everything leading up to the swearing in of the 44th President, not the actual inauguration. What happened?

Fortunately, Tivos can now access YouTube content and guess what was number one on YouTube’s recommendations? Yup, Barack Obama’s Inauguration and Address. Here is all 20+ minutes of Obama’s address in pretty darn good video quality.

And yeah, he musta been nervous, flubbing several lines of his oath.

Sidenote: At around 8:00, the YouTube view count was in the 800,000 range. One hour later, the views are above 1.2 million.

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