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Barack and chill everyone!

When Else Do You Barack and Chill?

Other than being stuck in traffic as the First Family’s motorcade makes its way to an Air Force One departure, when are the other times you Barack and chill? It’s got to be all those times Hawaii residents experience power outages, inexplicably when POTUS is in the islands. This started back in December 2008 when […]

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“Barack and Chill” Defined

I’m defining “Barack and Chill” as: What Hawaii residents have to patiently do while awaiting delays caused by President Barack Obama’s annual holiday stay. If you don’t Barack and chill, you wouldn’t handle delays like this as the freeways are shutdown for the Presidential motorcade making its way to Hickam for their departure. #HITraffic on […]

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Obama Holiday Stay Means Another Power Outage

Obama Holiday Stay Means Another Power Outage

It’s been some years, but whenever POTUS visits Hawaii during the holidays, there’s a very good chance that a power outage will ensue. That tradition continues tonight on the eve and first day of 2016 with power going out around 11pm and coming back around 5am. Lots of stars out on a clear night (see […]

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Turtle at Laniakea Beach

My Be Like Barack Mini-vacation

Remember back in 2008 when Barack Obama vacationed in Hawaii? Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I had a “Be Like Barack Vacation” on a very miniscule scale. The day started early, picking up passengers, but we forwent the speeches due to the continued drowsiness of turkey’s tryptophan. Then our two-car caravan headed north to Laniakea Beach […]

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All Clear on the H1

As President Barack Obama got ready to leave the islands, the H1 freeway was shutdown for the Presidential motorcade. I’ve never seen the freeway that empty ever! There was some traffic headed towards Pearl City, but absolutely no traffic head towards Hickam. Uploaded with Skitch!

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Happy Birthday President Obama

Today is President Barack Obama’s 50th birthday. So from his 50th state home, here’s a little retro remembrance from days before. If you happen to have this Ballin’ with Barack shirt, I think you have a collector’s item since this Pearlridge store has since closed. And is that Jay-Z and Kanye West rocking the Buff […]

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Lot of Fuzz 1

Whoa, That’s a Lot of Fuzz!

Over the Holiday break, there sure was a lot of fuzz in the parking lot of Aikahi Elementary School. It wasn’t an isolated incident at the school since various police vehicles kept arriving and leaving over a span of time. Methinks this was Police Command Central for the Obama security detail.

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Social Media, the POTUS, and Thanks

The end of 2010 brought up a totally unexpected social media opportunity – to watch the arrival of Air Force One and its primary passenger, President Barack Obama. President Obama and the First Family have been making it their Holiday tradition to vacation in Hawaii, but never would I have thought that I would be […]

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The First Family Finishes Their Hawaiian Holidays

President Obama, the First Lady, and their children concluded their holiday vacation in Hawaii flying back to Washington DC in Air Force One. I’ll post more pictures later on Tuesday. I’m tired and most of my pics were bad. This one is real bad. This is probably one of the better pics unassisted by a […]

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