Hawaii News Now Refreshes Its Blogs

KGMB9 did wonders with its blogs and building trust with them, and I’m glad to see this facet transition over to the new mega KGMB-KHNL-KFVE merger known as Hawaii News Now.

The new news station has refreshed its blogroll, bringing in some new bloggers. Minna Sugimoto goes Behind the Yellow Tape, videojournalist Duane Shimogawa says Par-Duane Me!, Mari-Ela David shares her thoughts on Slippah Talk, and Stephanie Lum writes on Steph On It!

And don’t worry, the blogging “veterans” are still at it. Ben Gutierrez, Howard Dicus, Malika Dudley, Oscar Valenzuela, Dan Cooke, and blogging queen Tannya Joaquin continue to post (some more frequently than others). What happened to the tech-focused blog run by Jared? If this blog makes a comeback, how about the name of “Plain Tech” as in plainly explaining the behind-the-scenes technology and also a play on words of “plain text” (versus rich text in the geeky world).

Congratulations on the launch of Hawaii News Now and keep on blogging!

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