The Smackdown of Week 6 of Dancing with the Stars

Was Week 5 of Dancing with the Stars a setup? Did you see the smackdowns and metaphoric falls in Week 6? The judges, especially the normally ebullient Bruno, turned hardass, giving accurate but harsh critiques.

Who was up this week and who was down? Personally, I was surprised by the gainers of the week, Aaron Carter and Michael Irvin. Carter’s been performing better each week but hasn’t resonated with the fans. On the other hand, Irvin (and his ESPN radio talk show) has a significant fan base keeping his mediocre dancing going each week. But in Week 6, the waltz was their salvation. For whatever reason, both performed their renditions of the difficult and rigid waltz, and it worked. Both stars looked connected with their pro partners and might have given them extra time on the show.

The biggest gain though came from homeboy Mark Dacascos. Yeah, I might be biased for the Hawaii boy, but I think his jitterbug might be the first true “connection” of this season. Maybe it was Donny’s performance in Week 5, but you could sense the transformation in Mark and Lacey’s jumping jitterbug. Sure, the dance was exciting and energetic, but did you see how Mark was part of the performance. The dance exuded himself, and he owned the dance. The fans all felt it, giving him an extended standing ovation. These are the connections that make DWTS winners. Go ask Drew, Emmitt, Helio, and Kristi. See for yourself!

Who was toppled in Week 6? Kelly Osbourne and Melissa Joan Hart might be the ones in tonight’s double elimination. Kelly’s story is getting old without any or fast enough progress. Her own insecurities again came into light as holding her back. Sound familiar? Melissa Joan Hart just isn’t making the strides needed to stay with the competition.

Louie Vito stayed status quo which isn’t necessarily a good thing as everyone moves forward. Mya’s jitterbug was good and showing her getting a topless massage is an insidious way of garnering votes.

Even though Donny Osmond and Kym’s jitterbug wasn’t as good as Mark and Lacey’s, they sure incited the choo choo fans. The showman appeal runs through his veins. What can I say but Derek Hough is the man. Joanna Krupa ain’t terrible, but Derek and his choreography is such an advantage.

Watch tonight as two couples are eliminated.



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