iTunes Movie Rentals to AppleTV

For all the things Apple has done right regarding ease of use, this one ain’t one of them. I rented a movie from iTunes and the huge HD file eventually downloaded. That part was easy. Now, how do I view this movie on my synchronized AppleTV?

I checked the movie section on the AppleTV, but it didn’t show the rented movie. Maybe if I select the movie rental from the just released section, the device would know I already purchased a rental. No go, it asks if I want to rent the movie. So where the heck is the movie?

Stuck in iTunes on my Mac. I found this Apple Support article that says you have to move the movie to a device (iPod, iPad, iPhone, AppleTV, etc). Now that’s confusing. You would think that a simple sync would be good enough. Not so, dear AppleTV user.

Apple, how about fixing this in the next versions of iTunes?

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