Sounds from the USS Nimitz

I’ve given you pictures and videos from my DV embark on the USS Nimitz.  How about some of the sounds from the ship?

This first one is boring. It’s the continual drone you hear during the COD flight. This is without ear protection. It’s loud. And it’s non-stop. Can you imagine listening to this for hours each day?

Once on-board, Commanding Officer Jeff Ruth greeted our tour. Here’s what he had to say.

On the flight deck, there’s so much activity carried out by various personnel. The colors of their shirts designate their roles. The Mini Boss on the Nimitz explains the roles.

Every morning, the crew is awoken by reveille.

Petty Officer Gonzalez explains how the arresting cables work to land aircraft going full throttle. This is only a short snippet. If you want more, watch the YouTube video.


My embarking to and from the USS Chester W. Nimitz CVN 68 aircraft carrier during RIMPAC 2012 was made possible via my nomination by Dennis Hall, founder of Avere Group LLC (, through collaborative referral to him by Guy Kawasaki ( and L.P. “Neenz” Faleafine ( Dennis Hall initially submitted my nomination to the Public Affairs Officer of the US Navy’s Third Fleet. The Public Affairs Officer then referred my nomination to the Office of Public Affairs, Commander, US Pacific Fleet. The US Pacific Fleet selected me for the Distinguished Visitors Program, inviting me to embark for about 24 hours during RIMPAC 2012.

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