Waimanalo Christmas Parade 2012

Waimanalo has its own unique community no more evident than in its annual Christmas Parade. It was my first time attending this parade (I didn’t know it existed before this), and I got to see a good, old parade reminiscent of small kid time.

UntitledLuckily, our family was guests on the float sponsored by Waimanalo Feed Supply. This float may have been the pinnacle of the parade featuring a decked out flatbed truck with a Christmas tree, enthusiastic riders, and three sheep enjoying the festivities.

The parade had an early 9am start time kicked off by Grand Marshall Eric Bunyan. Then came a caravan of some most interesting vehicles. There were bikers from the Yokozuna Riders.


Yokozuna Riders

Windward politicians, Ikaika Anderson, Chris Lee, and Laura Thielen walked the route and passed out candy.


Chris Lee and Laura Thielen

Then came muscle cars, vintage cars, and even a homemade barstool “car.”


Barstool awesomeness

Yes, Miss Hawaii Filipina was there.


Miss Hawaii Filipina

These golf carts are outrageous!


Golf carts?!?

But not to be outdone, there was a speed boat.


Speed boat in a Christmas Parade

In the heat and humidity, the seniors had it right, riding a covered trolley.


Waimanalo Seniors

Nothing says Christmas like a dune buggy and an off-roading truck.


Ready to go off-roading

Here’s the full length view of the Waimanalo Feed Supply float with sheep in tow.


Thanks to the Waimanalo Feed Supply

The Royal Hawaiian Movers were out in full force, each truck blaring its horns.


Royal Hawaiian Movers

Did I mention the candy? Remember back in the day when paraders would let fly the candy? Now, it’s all handing it gently to the bystanders… except in `Nalo. This community harkens back and still lets the candy sail through the air. And lots of it. Lots. Each vehicle unleashed an arsenal of sweets. Just check out the stash in this truck’s cabin.


Loaded with candy

Security from Bellows was there, not for safety or security, but yes, you guessed it, to fling candy at the audience.


Security Forces

I have no idea about this.


Waimanalo Research Station

Then the closing highlight of the parade was Santa’s arrival… by boat.


Santa’s on a boat!

While Santa and his Elves unloaded candy, treats from the North Pole also took the form of frozen Otter Pops.


Passing out frozen Otter Pops

Here are even more pictures from this eclectic community Christmas parade.

And don’t worry about the sheep. They were fine, eating the whole ride. They did want to wish you a very Merry Christmas.

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