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Meeting Gregg Hammer

A Shoutout from Gregg Hammer

What a way to start Thursday morning! I had just pulled out of my driveway for my morning commute with the radio tuned to KRTR 96.3. Aunty Mildred Kaneakala was kicking off the morning’s Story Time when I heard my name on air. Wait, what was that? Did I hear Gregg Hammer as Aunty just […]

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Waimanalo Christmas Parade 2012

Waimanalo has its own unique community no more evident than in its annual Christmas Parade. It was my first time attending this parade (I didn’t know it existed before this), and I got to see a good, old parade reminiscent of small kid time. Luckily, our family was guests on the float sponsored by Waimanalo […]

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Wii Mini

Holiday Gift Guide: Wii Mini

From our neighbors in the north comes the Nintendo Wii Mini. Yes, mini, and it’s only available in Canada. The Mini is a stripped down Wii removed of all online features. But at $99 and still able to play over 1400 disc-based Wii games, the Wii Mini shouldn’t be overlooked. Well, if you can get […]

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Paalaa Kai Sign

Does Paalaa Kai Mean “Wow!”?

There’s definitely a “wow” factor when visiting Paalaa Kai Bakery in Waialua. As in… Wow! 4.5 stars on Yelp after 80+ reviews! Wow! After all this time on Oahu, how come I’ve never heard of this place? Wow! A Snow Puffy?! Wow! Where is this place? Wow! The parking there is tight. Wow! They’re on […]

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Starbucks Steel Card

Holiday Gift Guide: Starbucks Steel

This gift is all about being a trend setter possessing a status symbol. Nothing says you’ve arrived like this limited edition Starbucks premium gift card actually made out of steel. Only 5000 of these special cards will be forged and sold through for a mere $450. But don’t worry, $400 of the cost is […]

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Air Jordan XX8 to Be Worn by Ninjas?

I’m not sure what to make of the silhouette of the newly announced Air Jordan XX8. From initial pictures, I’d say these will be worn by ninjas, by fishermen (they remind me of tabi), or by Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe. Eight inches tall, a zip up upper, responsive, light, and expensive at $250 a […]

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Juicies lime green USB extension

Got My Juicies

It’s been a long journey for the Kickstarter-powered Juicies project. Started in 2011, Juicies goal was to bring colorful cables made out of recycled materials to the iPhone market. The colors were delicious, the price was right, and hey, Laurens from Hawaii was behind it all so why not back this project? Then there was […]

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Hostess Advent Calendar

My Twinkies Advent Calendar

I have a new advent calendar this year, thanks to the prospective demise of Hostess. Enjoy one golden sponge cake each and every day of December leading up to Christmas. Who needs Christmas with a Twinkie a day? Wonder if these Twinkies advent calendars would sell on eBay?

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