Nike Engineered Mesh – Tianjin or Rio?

Modern Nike Engineered Mesh molded to classic Air Max silhouettes? Yes, please to this mashup, but which ones, the AM90 Tianjin or Beaches of Rio?

Nike Air Max 90 Tianjin

The multi-hued grey combination is demurely alluring. Speckled midsole – Jordanesque. The Tianjin namesake on the tongue. Red flecks lacing the laces. Then the translucent Air Max bubble, in red – completes the shoe.

Nike Air Max 90 Beaches of Rio

A distinct contrast from the dark Tianjins is the vibrant Beaches of Rio. Lively turquoise with citrus orange highlights. Yes, although both AM90s, the Rios and Tianjins look unrelated. Speckled midsole still there but no signature name on the tongue. The Air Max bubble is a light, bright blue.

Only one AM90 EM make would stick, the other returned. Which one? Seemingly I have a thing for greys as seen in previous buys. Maybe, too much grey in the current rotation. The Rios are summertime loud, a little outside of my style scope, but then this happened.

Nike Air Max 90 Beaches of Rio

Agent P (Perry the Platypus) and the AM90 Beaches of Rio

Thanks Agent P, decision made!

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