Reviewed Tam’s Shoe Repair Shop

No, I didn’t go to Tam’s Shoe Repair Shop in Kaimuki to get shoes repaired. Instead I needed work done on a suitcase handle that broke while packing for our Disney cruise to Alaska. Checking around it seems Tam’s Shoe Repair Shop is the place. This little local shop is the only authorized Samsonite luggage repair location on Oahu (and I think recommended for shoe repairs by Nordstrom). How did this small place get these lucrative endorsements I’m not sure, but the repair shop is full of leather goods in need of mending.

So anyways on Yelp, there’s a mix of good and bad reviews for Tam’s Shoe Repair Shop. Overall, I had a good (no great) experience so I gave my review. I’d recommend using Tam’s Shoe Repair Shop for luggage repairs but your mileage may vary. And yes, I can live with a blue handle on my black suitcase.

Read my Yelp review of Tam’s Shoe Repair Shop.

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