Starbucks Star Dash for the “Pros”

Starbucks has gotten smarter with its promotions and who’s eligible for these promotions. Previously, it was a free for all. Once a promo was known, pretty much anyone could use it. Not so anymore. Case in point. Were you informed of the recent Star Dash? It just completed where you get $10 back after 12 stars (and $5 for 6 stars).

Even if you knew about this dash, you couldn’t join unless your specific account was offered this deal. Before, someone could forward you the Star Dash link, and you could sign up. Try that now, and you won’t see the promotion for your account.

Did you know about the Star Dash that starts today? Seems like this dash is for the “pros,” the caffeine addicts, the gold level members, the hardcore Starbuckers. Instead of the lower goal of 12 stars for $10, this Dash demands 20 stars for $10 or 10 stars to earn $5.

Star Dash, Aug 14-27, 2013

Star Dash, Aug 14-27, 2013

You got a little less than two weeks to complete the dash so drink up (or eat up or charge up)!

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