Nike Zoom Wildhorse Reviewed


I submitted my mini review to Zappos for my recent purchase of the Nike Zoom Wildhorse, and it goes like this:

Lightweight and great looking but very snug. After a few wears and runs, the shoe still feels tight. It’s okay for short runs, but I’m not sure if the snugness will affect longer runs. You’ll notice the 4mm differential, but it’s not extreme. You do feel closer to the ground compared to regular running shoes. Keep in mind, these are not Nike+ shoes and don’t have space for the running sensor.

Yeah, I don’t know why but these shoes are bordering on tight. If you’re running with thicker socks, then definitely go up a half size. These trail shoes talk about the height difference between the heel and forefoot being 4mm. You can tell these shoes feel flatter and lower than traditional running shoes, but they don’t feel that different.

The rounded anatomical heel seems gimmicky especially with the angular lugs, but it looks cool. The Wildhorse isn’t well cushioned to keep that lean 4mm differential, but the tradeoff of feeling what’s underfoot is worth it. The outer layer hides dirt well so these shoes won’t look trashed after a few runs.

My only misgiving with the Wildhorse? It’s not a Nike+ shoe. There’s no space for the Nike+ running sensor that works with diminutive iPods. So if you want to track your runs, you’d need to use an iPhone or something else.

Some pictures of the Nike Zoom Wildhorse in black spruce, total orange, and flash lime.

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